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Current Stock Price is $10.00

June 11th 2019 – The new stock certificate numbers have been updated on your profile page at Valley Medical Group.

There was a 10 to one split of shares which did the following. Each share that you own was divided by 10. Share price was $100 per share. After the split you owned ten times the amount of shares valued at $10.

The Board has met in an electronic session to approve the new stock certificate assignments. During the chat it was decided to upgrade the value to $20 per share valid on 15 June. This increase in value corresponds with the new approval to export from Colombia.

May 16th 2019 — Valley Medical Group prepares IPO documents for B3 Filing (Brazil Markets)

May 15th 2019 – Valley Medical Group applies for Stock Split. The proposed split will allow a 100 to 1 split valuing the new common stock at $1.00 per share. StockHolders will be reissued 100 shares per original Share. So if a stockholder holds 10 shares they will receive 1,000 shares of the new stock valued at $1 per share. This increase gives Valley 100,000,000 Shares.

May 1st 2019 — Valley Medical Group Board of Directors announces new stock price of $100 per share. 

VMGCO Stock Price Index

Date Price  
Q1 $1  
Q2-Q4 $50.00  
2017 $50.00  
2018 $50.00  
Q1 $75.00  
Q2 $100.00  
Q3 #61.50 Stock Split Q2 

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