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Current Stock Price is $0.01

1/1/2021 – VMG has experienced a substantial setback in value. Due to the loss of crops and setbacks in licensing procedures in Colombia we have revalued VMG Stock. The board of directors has been disolved by unanamous vote. There is no requirement in the Company Constitution to seat a board.

June 11th 2019 – The new stock certificate numbers have been updated on your profile page at Valley Medical Group.

There was a 10 to one split of shares which did the following. Each share that you own was divided by 10. Share price was $100 per share. After the split you owned ten times the amount of shares valued at $10.

The Board has met in an electronic session to approve the new stock certificate assignments. During the chat it was decided to upgrade the value to $20 per share valid on 15 June. This increase in value corresponds with the new approval to export from Colombia.

May 16th 2019 — Valley Medical Group prepares IPO documents for B3 Filing (Brazil Markets)

May 15th 2019 – Valley Medical Group applies for Stock Split. The proposed split will allow a 100 to 1 split valuing the new common stock at $1.00 per share. StockHolders will be reissued 100 shares per original Share. So if a stockholder holds 10 shares they will receive 1,000 shares of the new stock valued at $1 per share. This increase gives Valley 100,000,000 Shares.

May 1st 2019 — Valley Medical Group Board of Directors announces new stock price of $100 per share. 

VMGCO Stock Price Index

Date Price  
Q1 $1  
Q2-Q4 $50.00  
2017 $50.00  
2018 $50.00  
Q1 $75.00  
Q2 $100.00  
Q3 #61.50 Stock Split Q2 

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