Cannabis Production Projection on One Acre Plot


Colombia provides an annual growing seas on of twelve months in most zones. The zone where Valley Farms is located falls in this category. Using the average yield per plant for the growing of Cannabis in Colombia we have the following projections.

The average plant yields 3 to 5 pounds of flower in a three to four month growing period. We will use an average of 4 pounds per plant

Expected extraction yields average 1ml of oil per 3.5 to 4 ounces of flower. This may vary per species you choose to grow. For this projection we use the strain known as Kryptonite which has an 15:85 sativa/indica ratio with THC content as high as 25%.

We will use the 4 ounce unit for extraction.

For this projection we will use the price per ml or gram of oil at $35, however the price is actually much higher dependent on the strength and purity of the extracted oils.

Growers generally plant 2,600 to 5,800 plants per acre in single rows with 18 to 30 inches between plants in the row on 5.0- to 6.5-foot centers. For this projection we will us 3,000 plants.

The following is a 4 month projection

Number of Plants

Weight of Flower lbs/oz

Extracted Oils


Yield at $35/ml


4000/64000 oz

16000 ml




48000 ml




*It is feasible to have three strong growing seasons per year with an additional short season.